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Established in 2007 by a group of professional engineers, technicians and sales representatives, Airnergy Services & Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd. provides Preventive Maintenance Services, Electrical and Mechanical troubleshoot, Major Services & Overhaul  for Compressed Air System including Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Air Receiver Tanks, Boosters and Vacuum Blower…etc.


In 2016 Airnergy expands its service categories to include Piping Planning & Installation, Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and have completed some of the majors expansion for Malaysia local industries.


Key Services Offered :

  • Free Monthly General Service
  • Free Maintenance App
  • Free Loan Equipment
  • 7/24 Support Hotline
  • Rent to Own & Leasing Programs
  • Price Protection Contract Services





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Product Showcase

Mattei Air Compressor

Exclusive Rotary Vane Air Compressor System from Italy advanced technology available in Malaysia.

Kaishan Air Compressor

No. 1 air compressor brand in China has served Malaysia customers for years & have become the most popular brand since then.


Industrial Cooling System

Total Solution Provider for Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning and Water Cooling System plays important role.

Pro Technical Support

Multiple teams to assist customers crossing west to east Malaysia regardless sunny or rainy days, day or night

Air / Water Piping System

Energy saving start from the very beginning – Piping System. It saves you great deal of money if you get it right.

Electrical Wiring

Don’t waste your time to figure out complicated electrical wiring. Hire the right person and right team to get the job done right.

Our Core Services

Compressed Air System

Compressing air could be an inefficient and expensive process if you do not choose the correct Compressed Air System. Airnergy provides the equipment and application that are tailored to the needs of your production.

Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Many HVAC systems were not designed with energy efficiency as one of the design factors. Airnergy encompasses the equipment and technology used in manufactories to control the heating and cooling environment indoors.

Piping Installation

Airnergy fabricates industrial piping system to customers’ specifications. All pipings are manufactured to ASME B31.3 standards. Our extensive experience in the chemical, oil & gas and food processing industries allows us to work with our customers to develop the best piping solution.

Maintenance, Rental & Overhaul

Maintaining your air compressor is a very necessary step to extending the lifespan of your equipments. Airnergy provides extended warranty if customers perform the routine maintenances per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Rental & overhaul are available if such services are required.

Leasing & Rent-To-Own

Financing capital equipment is always a challenge. Did you know that you can increase your net profits by leasing a Mattei Air compressor? Now you can benefit with Mattei’s branded leasing program to acquire a new compressor or build an entire air system for your facility.

Energy Saving Audit & Management

Energy audit is an essential activity for any organization wishing to control energy and utility costs. It is a tool for energy management and a tool to determine and analyze the energy consumption of consumers units in order to determine energy saving options.


Question & Answer

Can I request a free site vist?

Yes. Please contact out service department at 03-5892 2948 or email services@airnergy.com.my

Do you have professional teams to solve every problem?

Airnergy has our own teams for take care of customers’ urgent requests. In the meantime we work with several partners to extend our service ranges

Can I request a quotation?

Of course you can. Please send your inquiries to sales@airnergy.com.my or call 016-444 9829

Do you have any vacancy?

Yes. Please fill out the form published under “Carrer”

We only need spare parts, do you sell?

Yes. For customers who are able to carry out routine maintenance or troubleshoot themselves, we can sell service kits at affordable rates.

Do you service all brands of air compressors?

Yes. Though we have distributorship for Kaishan & Mattei, our teams are able to service, troubleshoot & overhaul all brands of air compressors.

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